About Us

Through design and creating a positive and aesthetic visitor experience

Varista Group

Varista Designs is a leading firm in the field of Interior Designs, Custom Kitchens and Exhibition Stalls and Technical Manpower support with a portfolio of successful projects in UAE, USA & India.

Founded three years before with backing of reputed suppliers mainly from USA & India, VArista Designs completed several reputed projects in a short span of time. To ensure continued and progressive growth and to ensure clientele fulfillment, Varista designs has moved recently to Dubai Design District(D3), the design hub of Middle East. With the new office and newly added professionals, we aim at delivering the best to its clients.

Through design and creating a positive and aesthetic visitor experience, we aim to achieve and exceed our client's expectation and business objectives. Our international experience, analytic approach and passion for creaticity gives us the cutting edge to meet your needs.

Varista's Approach to Creating Spaces

  • Listen: Understand the need of the client and collect all the available data, opinions and research
  • Explore: Analyze the creative net wide to gather the full range of components and influences which may contribute to the project.
  • Include: Involve the client team in a creaitve and open minded brainstorming process which challenges precumptions.
  • Filter: Distill all the ideas and extract the essence for the most appropriate solution.
  • Express: Convey the vision for the project through design very clearly.
  • Execute: Implement and deliver the project on time and to budget